Chen Jiu has a solemn look, which makes people unable to refuse. In this way, she can stay at the same height as Taran, and attack Seth from different directions. Early, middle, late, peak or great perfection. "It depends on your ability to make me do my best!" There is no need to kill those prisoners of war, let alone ordinary people, which is not clear about Hu Hao stood up and found a copy of his own statistics from his desk and handed it to the commander- "They are stupid. The wages and subsidies we have now are enough for them to support a good family. It is undoubtedly extremely generous to pull a cart with four monsters from the double heaven of hea Yi Qian's beautiful eyes, colorful blooming, red lips slightly open, appears very surprised, tha Fans have just breathed a sigh of relief for Han Jin. At this time, the enemy sent gliders to chase "Young master, don't be angry. If I don't, how can my grandfather trust you The Xinhua army is almost in a blank in optical instruments, and it is unable to equip these rifles After hearing that Dan Tai Wen Yan's words, Liu Ben is a light way. Flame swept to the body of the Dragon Ao Tian, long Ao Tian sneered and said: "carving insects and s Li Lizhen asked curiously, "I want to buy such a beautiful boat." Almost every month, every day, there is a fight between the strong people who have returned to the s Recruits from different regions were sent to the barracks under the leadership of their respective c The first feeling that purple suddenly sees in the heart is not comfortable.

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