Feng Yiting looks at this guy in astonishment. You think that a Hunanese even comes out of Sichuan d Han Xiaoye shakes his head. He knows Yue Zhong very well. This guy seems harmless to human beings an Lingyu stopped, took back the light in her hand and said, "since the elder has a life, dare not obey Twenty people surrounded Tang Zheng and Li Chunyu. However, it also contains huge soul power (the higher the realm, the greater the power of soul). Aft Obviously, the Mo people also found this, and they became more and more fierce, and they were going Although there are many immortals below, I didn't see the three super brands of Hongjun, Laozi a The two enemies, who had been at odds with each other and wanted the other to die quickly, fell in l It seems that this scene should be illusory. The contents of the scene are set by the Tianji clan an "You can tell me the details of the hundred nationalities war," he asked without expression Suddenly, the sound blade of the sky burst apart and made a dull sound. "That's what it looks like when the cookie is diluted." Tang Xin has already helped ye CHENFENG arrange a good position. It is in the second row. The first These sharp objects are like spears, but some of them are like drills that keep spinning. Su Hao was a little empty, and immediately stepped into the space channel and left. Yes, it's more than half of the lights. He hit his forehead hard, but the pain didn't make him feel better. All blame you! When ye Zhen arrives at Jian qianxiong's quiet room, Jian qianxiong is sitting there with a dign

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