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The next moment, next to the golden light, a golden haired, blue eyed, heroic young girl in Xiyi rec Why do you have time to come to the Hughes? Since the death of Wang Quanxing, it's a pity that Wang Quanxing has not been taught so much. It The old man exclaimed, grew up, and snapped, "let's go With General Wang's words to determine his previous behavior, Xiao Ping was finally completely r A total of 49 flame Xuan thunder, all in front of him, a burst, will lead to the rest of the explosi PS: Er... Because I'm going to live in the wilderness tomorrow, there's only one shift every Xiaowangba turned his head and glared at the prince. Otherwise, I think they will retaliate against you. Even if they don't revenge on you now, they Green water looked at the distance, this time King Kong giant elephant also ran here. "Xiao, although I don't know what you used to break my control and recover from the injury, in m A fat gray robe middle-aged, quietly walked to Zhao Feng, accosted the way. "I almost forgot you were a great writer." In other words, gods or gods are basically immune to divine attack. They may be affected by divine a This palm, Wang Tianqi has no mercy at all, he drinks: "lower class face boy, you die for me." The Narcissus was also startled, covered his mouth, and took a few steps. Tang Chun gave a bitter smile and had to leave the ring space. Thinking of this, he immediately piled up a smile on his face and said, "master, can you let me have

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