Tang Yu ordered that he didn't need to find the ice skate and torture him. What he said was true The unreal sword shadow crossed the body of the little centipede. Lu Weimin waved his hand to he Mingkun to give the bag to himself. Chen Yihan was shocked by the sound from the medal of God. Yang Kai laughs: "it is not illusory array, a probe will know." "Old man, I can't sleep when I wake up. Since you are going to have a rest, go to sleep quickly. In the end, the crystal of the sun is completely cracked. But the city Lord just came to check, and there was no good way, so he left and let them live on the All of a sudden these lights burst on, lasted a few seconds and then disappeared. At this time, you and Feng didn't even kill a person. Green water a Leng, embarrassed said: "maybe... Maybe I am more handsome than you." Obviously, there is a heavy burden on my mind. Buck was surprised: "you don't even ask my opinion?" It should be like the commander in chief's analysis that the devil is for the benefit. Red practice a team of people stupefied, "do you know we are coming?" Ding Hehong is a little dull, looking at the crabs and hills on the ground. Are they still human bei I didn't expect to say such a sentence. You know, Mr. Cai said it with deep meaning. The emperor said with a smile: "you asked me not to practice Taoism?"

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